ICYMI: The truth about ‘the truth about adrenochrome’

29 June – 6 July

‘I physically felt like I was going to die’: Clare Curran opens up on politics, toxicity and trauma

Sacked cabinet minister Clare Curran speaks for the first time about the brutal end to her political career – and what she calls the toxicity and bullying that marked her years in parliament. By Donna Chisholm.

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The truth about ‘the truth about adrenochrome’, The Spinoff’s most-viewed story of all time

The Spinoff’s most-viewed article, by far, is an explainer about a drug that probably doesn’t exist. Josie Adams explains why a low-stakes story she wrote in a morning took flight.

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The National Party is failing the queer community, again

Headlines about the ‘world’s gayest’ parliament only serve to highlight how far behind National has fallen on queer representation, writes Sam Brooks.

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A blame guide for the Auckland light rail cluster-shemozzle uber-bungle

Struggling to find the correct apportionment of blame for the failure of light rail in Auckland? Hayden Donnell is here to help.

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These are the women’s stories at the heart of a crisis in criminal justice

We should be unanimously outraged that in seven short years the number of Māori women on remand has doubled, in part thanks to a pernicious reform. What will you do about it, asks Awatea Mita.

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Why are conspiracy theorists monitoring yachts in Auckland’s Viaduct?

The “sovereign citizens” movement has reached New Zealand, and their focus is Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. Here’s what’s going on down there.

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The recession will be hard, but old family businesses have been there before

The true economic turmoil of the Covid-19 downturn is yet to be felt. However, some family operations are old enough to have endured – and survived – many of these types of shocks before.

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The songs in Insecure that hit just right

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From Twin Peaks to The OC, a great soundtrack can elevate any TV series. Insecure is just the latest example – and with all its seasons now streaming on Neon, Laumata Lauano talks us through her favourite needle drop moments

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Under Cover: Sharon Van Etten and Tiny Ruins (WATCH)

Under Cover is a new series that brings musicians together via video link to bond, chat, and play each other’s songs. The fourth episode features Sharon Van Etten and Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins).

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