Sitemap - 2022 - The Weekend with Madeleine Chapman

All the links that are fit to print

The Kiwis in Hamilton (the musical)

Is this the skill every adult woman should know?

There are no good places to get Covid

The problem with Auckland's 'graffiti problem'

All good things come to an end

David Farrier wishes he hadn't messed with Mister Organ

Great rugby and great hairstyles

It's still Diwali without the fireworks

Is meditation just another hobby?

What the Black Ferns mean to Aotearoa

Pomegranates and protests

What does Rolling Stone want with NZ?

Ready, set... vote

A moment of collective memorialising

The problem with stadiums

A background checks backgrounder

The rich lister behind The Platform

A bad week for bullying in politics

Why is breast augmentation still so popular?

The life-changing magic of judging Drag Race

Why everyone wants Crown Lynn

Major discovery: There are at least three other New Zealands

The Spinoff Weekend: The state of journalism in 2022

The Spinoff Weekend: Abortion access is lifesaving

The Spinoff Weekend: How to celebrate Matariki

Reasons to speak a fake language

When a radio promotion goes wrong

Energy drinks are bougie now

The rise and fall of Footrot Flats Fun Park

The Spinoff Weekend: Too many people are called 'Chris'

How hard is Dancing with the Stars?

Inside Auckland’s building boom

What’s going on at Lilyworld?

A 'Sausage Angel' comes to the rescue

Who ate all the Easter eggs? We did

Goodbye, so long, farewell, haere rā

A simple solution for daylight savings

Will you eat the Impossible?

A regular dickhead? Or something else?

The Spinoff Weekend: The suburb that's being razed and rebuilt

The Spinoff Weekend: How to keep calm in the face of chaos

The Spinoff Weekend: A week inside the 'freedom village'

The Spinoff Weekend: Lorde's producer has plans to make NZ music sing

The Spinoff Weekend: What’s everyone protesting about?

The Spinoff Weekend: Is Great Barrier the next Waiheke Island?

The Spinoff Weekend: The case for never mowing your lawn again

The Spinoff Weekend: Tonga, Tova, omicron and ice

The Spinoff Weekend's summery special: L.A.B, jandals, beach nudity, otai and holiday poops